Monday, November 19, 2012

Yesterday, in the city of Agrinio

"You have to deeply understand fascism, it won't die by itself, SMASH IT" (a banner at the beginning of the antifascist gathering in the city of Agrinio) 
..the clashes lasted until late Sunday night

Yesterday, in the city of Agrinio (a city between Patras and Ioannina), took place an antifacist action of 300 people against the new offices of Golden Dawn. The protesters clashed with the riot police, that answered with tear-gas.


The previous night, there were also various attacks at the offices of the nazi party Golden Dawn in the city of Xanthi (Thrace) and Karditsa (Thessaly).

"for communism and anarchy, smash fascists in every neighborhood" (a wall at Golden Dawn's offices in the city of Xanthi after the attack)

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