Thursday, November 8, 2012

About yesterday in Athens

Cops with APCs, with chemicals, with guns, with motorcycles. At the
same time that inside, Parliament voted for the slashing of wages and
pensions, for the dismissal of thousands of people and many other
shameful things (in a shameless manner), outside another giant police
operation of repression unfolded against the demonstrators. Even in
the rain, the cops choked Syntagma Square in tear gas to disperse the
protesters who had remained. For all that, the state certainly has
money. It has money to enforce a police state in the streets. It has
money to purchase tons of chemicals and APCs. It has money to armor
like lobsters the special units of repression.
As long as people are not willing to lose even one day's wages, to
risk two or three most basic things, then their misery, physical and
moral, is certain. This whole system of suppression, the spraying with
tear gas, the cordoning of the streets around the Constitution by riot
police lined like laces, is aimed at nothing more than to force us to
stoop our heads and shut up. Its aims are that we empty the streets,
stay at home immersed in depression, or head to the mountains, or
board a plane and emigrate.
But this place does not belong to them. The struggle for this land and
its freedom is a struggle that we have been fighting for years now. No
matter how many cops they put up, this struggle is not going to stop.
No matter how many measures they take, how many electoral backstops
they have in parliament, nothing is finished, and nothing will end the
way they want it.
We have nothing else to do than to give a way to rage, as a recent
anarchist slogan goes in an athenian street ...

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