Thursday, February 7, 2013


"Blue face
Blue faces. Swollen eyes. Fractured jaws. Police violence. Children with kalasnikovs. Bank robbery. Abduction.

Grigoropoulos dead. Every day, again and again.

Unskilled photoshop. By choice. They wanted us to see these faces. No...
t some police officers from the province. The choice came from the center. Otherwise they would have shown us their id pictures. Here they are. We have them. We can do anything we want to them. Male dominance. One of the oldest instincts.


No one denied it. They said that they slapped them around a little bit when they were arrested. Policemen with some karate moves immobilized fully armed robbers. I have seen this in a movie. Some do not even care. Some rushed to anticipate the denial and say that torture during interrogation is necessary at times and we should not blind ourselves to reality.


Cannibalism for the mother. For the bourgeois origins. Those spoiled rotten kids, why didn’t they sit quietly? What was lacking from their lives?

“Why am I sitting quietly, when I am lacking everyting?”

Here are the cops, children of the workers again.

The good kids. Who if they do everything that they are told will climb up a class and they will become like the spoiled ones that they envy. Hard work is rewarded. The children of the workers.

False values. Fake society. Society of cannibals. Hypocrisy.

The police guard the thieves instead of chasing them. The politicians of the representative parliament represent only themselves. Justice awakes only when her wages are affected. The financial proposal of the government is that we have too many immigrants. A civil war climate is continuously cultivated. Fist, order and security. The people want security, like a warm blanket to sleep under at night, on the bench where they will end up.

Shame. That they do not act like their class. They should join DAP [a conservative university student organization, aligned with New Democracy, the ruling conservative party]. Criminal offense? If it was criminal we would not even learn who they are. The very attitude of the state reveals a political stance.

It expresses a deep concern, this attitude of the state, of society. The concern of one caught with his pants down.

16 years old he was holding his dying friend in his hands.

Didn’t he see this positively? Should he forget it. Life is hard and you must know how to deal with it.

He is not a victim. He is representing himself. Can his critics say the same?

The photo with the bloody face is the absolute proof that this society does not condemn violence regardless of the source. This society requires violence to maintain itself, otherwise it will collapse like a house of cards. This society adores violence like a fetish. And who better to justifiably exercise violence towards than the ones who are reminding society how rotten it is?"

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  1. Our society is sick. The dominant paradigm has created its own reality where we are just dirt.