Friday, September 14, 2012

Conferences in Athens

forms of resistance and libertarian organization in southern Europe

The European south, tends to become one more 'El Dorado' of global capitalism. Under the pressure of the economic crisis, all labor rights that are left, and every opportunity of self-determination, are to be dissolved. Even so, the social desertification they seek to impose, is not so close as they think. Newborn struggles leap out, and meet those experiences and structures that existed for years and have beamed the struggle for social liberation. Right next to us, in the Italian peninsula, the new local ecological struggles meet with the libertarian forms of organization and start a new round in that game of social-class struggle. These experiences are of great value for those fighting here in similar ways, or with similar questions.

It's the struggle of NO TAV in northern Italy against high-speed rail, that destroy huge areas of land. It is the Municipal Base Federation (Federazione Municipale di Base) of the region Spezzano Albanese in southern Italy, that, for years now, has brought self-organization and libertarian communalism into action, through forms of direct democracy. And it's Urupia, the libertarian rural commune, also in the Italian south, which has proven that anarcho-communist economics can be more than a slogan, and become reality. These struggles are beside us and we stand beside them, because, apart from the valuable exchange of thoughts, we know that solidarity is our weapon...

7 pm: The No TAV struggle in the Susa Valley, against the construction of high-speed rail

5.30 pm: The experience of the Municipal Base Federation (MFB) of Spezzano Albanese

7.30 pm: The libertarian agrarian commune of Urupia: realizing communism

"Eutopia" review - group of libertarian communists

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